Days of Macedonian Music

The “Days of Macedonian Music” is a festival with 40-year-long tradition, dedicated to the promotion of Macedonian music, both in the country and abroad. The organizer of the festival, the Macedonian Composers’ Association - SOKOM, was founded in 1947 and has been the main promoter of world and Macedonian contemporary art music in the country  ever since, thus contributing to the growing awareness and interest for the new ways of musical expression and creation in general.

Apart from presenting contemporary Macedonian music works, one of the main indispensable aspects of the festival is also the presentation of ensembles from the whole world interested in the performance of Macedonian music that in the same time present the musical culture or context they originate from. In this way, the festival instigates a valuable intercultural exchange and creates a highly inspiring basis for all participants, musicians and composers from the country and abroad, as well as for the Macedonian audience.

The festival is under the patronage of the President and it is financially supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia.

The program of the festival covers a wide range of concerts of all genres, workshops, debates, presentations, for which the festival traditionally collaborates with the most important music institutions such as the Macedonian Philharmonic, the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, the Faculty of Music, the Macedonian Radio and Television.

Internationally renowned musicians and ensembles such as Athelas Sinfonietta (Denmark), Peter Sheppard Skaerved and the Kreutzer Quartet (UK), Arcata Stuttgart and Patrick Strub (Germany), Moritz Muellenbach (Switzerland), Diotima Quatuor (France), Artwork Ensemble (Germany) Stefan Schultze Large Orchestra and the ensemble Schultzing (Germany), The Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (Russia), Archaeus Ensemble (Romania), Saxofonquadrat (Germany), LP duo (Serbia), the New London Chamber Choir, Richard Bernas (UK), Ankara Wind Quintet (Turkey), Trio Ardenza (Bulgaria), Trio Ars Musica (Slovenia), the Reconsil Ensemble (Austria), Munchenerkammerorchester (Germany) and many others performed at the festival in the past few years.

The festival takes place every year at the end of March/beginning of April. “Days of Macedonian Music” is also broadly covered by all medias. Almost all concerts are recorded audio and video by the Macedonian Radio and Television, while its audiences are much wider than the narrowly specialized professional audience who comes to the regular classical and contemporary concerts.

In 2013 the festival won the prize “Virtuosi” for best organized event in Macedonia in 2012.